Unethical Stories Podcast: new episode

Mena Ruparel is joined by Jo O’ Sullivan from O’Sullivan family law discuss ethics at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak. Jo shares her experiences of ethical decision making and how she thinks things might challenge us in the current climate.

Unethical Stories: Mena’s new podcast

Author Mena Ruparel has launched Unethical Stories, a series of podcasts in which she speaks to lawyers about daily ethical decision-making in practice. Guests spill the beans on the worst ethical decisions made by other solicitors and what they would have done differently. The idea is to find out how lawyers learn to make ethical … Continue reading Unethical Stories: Mena’s new podcast

Young Voices: ethics and millennial lawyers

Richard Burnham looks at how law firms can create an ethical culture and support millennials in making ethical decisions

Facing pressure from clients

Mena Ruparel on the risks of representing both parties in a divorce and other potential conflicts

Regulating Robot Lawyers

Richard Burnham looks at the similarities between SRA Code of Conduct and any codes of conduct that might regulate AI lawyers

When it is ethical to end a retainer?

Mena Ruparel reviews the relevant rules about ending a retainer and what they mean in practice.

When is a liar not a liar?

Saying that you acted the way you did because your boss told you to do so may not be enough of a defence says Mena Ruparel

Can’t pay, won’t pay?

Could dodging a train fare be a false economy for solicitors? Mena Ruparel with some salutary tales.

The art of being honestly dishonest

Richard Burnham on when a lawyer should realise they are being dishonest

Ethics and compliance – worlds apart?

Are ethics and Codes of Conduct too often conflated? Mena Ruparel looks at the differences.

Ethics in Practice: Should you draft an agreement that might be unethical?

Mena Ruparel looks at the situation where a client is asking for a pre-nuptial agreement that stipulates guaranteed sexual acts.

The Ethics of Lawtech

Whether you call it lawtech, legaltech or artificial intelligence (if you really must), technology is quickly thickening the foundations of the delivery of legal services. Richard Burnham looks at the ethical implications.