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In print now: Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook 2020-21

Posted by David Chaplin on
In print now: Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook 2020-21

We are delighted to say that the 2020-21 edition of our Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook is now available in print. And this year all purchases come with digital edition included.

This year's edition was slightly delayed so we could updated it to reflect the new Ogden tables published in late July. The tables are used extensively in calculating pension loss so we think it is worth the wait.

Of course all the other rates, limits and caps have also been updated but more importantly our editor Ben Gray of Littleton Chambers has, as ever, thoroughly reviewed the cases, revised key sections such as that on pension loss and expanded coverage of any differences adopted in the Scottish Tribunals.

We are also delighted that we have forewords from the President of the Appeal Tribunal and the Presidents of the Employment Tribunals in both England & Wales and Scotland. 

From this year as well you will also get a digital edition included in the price when you order directly from us. This makes the book uniquely portable and accessible and if we do need to update it between now and the next print edition, we'll send you an updated file.  

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