Employment Claims without a Lawyer

Employment Claims without a Lawyer

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Managing an employment claim, or representing yourself or your small business in an employment tribunal, can be daunting but, with the help of this new book, it is not impossible.

Employment Claims without a Lawyer leads you through the whole process - from an initial grievance to the hearing itself - in clear plain language so that you can get a complete view of what’s involved and how to best present your case.

The author, David Curwen, is a barrister with 32 years of experience representing claimants and businesses and has distilled his experience to provide the practical tips and background law you need to take on this task with greater confidence.

Importantly he also covers the steps both employee and employer need to consider when a problem first arises.

So whether you are representing yourself because you cannot afford to involve professional advisers or you are involved in a potential claim and want to know more about the process this book is essential reading.

Scores of useful documents & features included:

  • packed with practical examples
  • useful model documents for you to use in your case
  • useful supporting documents, resources and updates available at noemploymentlawyer.co.uk - see book for details
  • practical advice from both the employees and employers viewpoint

This revised 1st edition has been updated primarily to take account of the introduction in October 2016 of judicial assessment, a move to encourage early settlement of claims proceedings to a tribunal.

New material on tribunal fees is also included as well as updates to the caps, limits and other rates used for calculating an award.

About the Author
David Curwen is an experienced barrister with the employment law team at Unity Street Chambers. His varied experience - acting for both employees and employers large and small - has given him a rich insight into what those representing themselves need to know.

Published October 2015
316 pages
ISBN 978-0-9567774-3-0
£24.95: print or digital
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Who would find the book useful?

  • Individuals involved in an employment grievance or claim
  • Owners & managers of small organisations faced with an employment dispute
  • Trade Union reps helping colleagues
  • In-house lawyers & company secretaries & HR managers handling a potential claim


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