How to be an Ethical Solicitor

How to be an Ethical Solicitor

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@avoidgravity Just finished reading your book "How to be an Ethical Solicitor". Just got the course to do. Great read - thought provoking.

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About the book

The Solicitors Regulation Authority has made ethical practice a cornerstone of its regulatory and competence training regime.

Couple that with the risks of adverse publicity and the perils of social media use and it is clear that practising solicitors, and those training to join the profession, should learn how to think and act ethically - in both their professional and personal lives.

This unique book and online course package* enlightens readers on how to put ethics at the heart of their practice. It is not a strict law book. Instead, using a wealth of real world examples, hypothetical scenarios and illustrations, it grounds the SRA requirements firmly within the tricky situations legal practitioners encounter every day. In doing so it not only helps the reader minimise the risks of an investigation (or worse) but also supports them to become a more confident practitioner when faced with potential ethical traps.

Written in a straightforward approachable style, and covering the evolving use of social media and ADR, How to be an Ethical Solicitor is an essential resource for every solicitor and law firm library.

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*Price includes online course

All purchasers also get access to an online course to help cement the knowledge gained through reading and provide a certificate on completion. Details of how to access the course will be set out in the book

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Who would find the book useful?

  • Solicitors
  • Compliance officers and law firm managers
  • Professional law & legal skills lecturers
  • LPC students and trainee solicitors
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About the authors

Mena Ruparel is both a practising solicitor and an experienced legal trainer with a mission to maintain the professional standards of the legal profession for the benefit of both the public and practitioners. Insights gathered from years at the front line have been distilled in this book.

Richard Burnham is a trainee solicitor, legal blogger and video game company owner who is ideally placed to look at the ethical risks of social media.

Both authors are regular contributors to national legal journals covering legal ethics. Click here to catch up on their recent insights.

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"How to be an Ethical Solicitor by Mena and Richard brings the SRA Code of Conduct alive. For practitioners and students entering the profession, the Code is what we live and breathe. Mena and Richard provide an insight into the Code from their experiences with examples not otherwise always readily available. I particularly benefited from the chapter on social media which is new and upcoming in the legal world.

My students have definitely benefited from the quote ‘Know the right thing, Do the right thing, For the right reason’
Aruna Verma, Tutor, University of Law

"This is a must read book for Compliance Officers for Legal Practice (COLP) and Compliance Officers for Financial Administration (COFA), and for every solicitor to understand that the flexibility of the code still requires a analysis of actions."
Law Society Family Section

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Bibliographic information

Published: May 2017

£29.50 + VAT
Print / digital bundle:
£39.50 + VAT (free p&p)
200 pages approx
ISBN 978-0-9935836-4-3

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