Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook 2020-21 (print & digital editions)

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The 7th annual edition of the definitive, annual handbook on employment tribunal remedies & how to calculate them.

With Forewords by Mr Justice Choudhury, President of Employment Appeal Tribunal, Judge Barry Clarke, President Employment Tribunals (England & Wales) and Judge Shona Simon, President Employment Tribunals (Scotland)



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About the Editor

  • General Editor: Benjamin Gray, Barrister, Littleton Chambers
  • Forewords
    • The Hon Mr Justice Choudhury, President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal
    • Judge Barry Clarke, President Employment Tribunals (England & Wales)
    • Judge Shona Simon, President Employment Tribunals (Scotland)
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About the book

The Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook is the definitive, annual handbook to the financial remedies available in employment claims. It is seen regularly in negotiations, by parties and judges in the Employment Tribunal and even the Employment Appeals Tribunal, having been cited in Shifferaw v Hudson Music Co Ltd.

This 2020-21 edition has been fully updated to factor in the very latest rates and compensation caps that came into force in 2020, including the 8th edition of the Ogden tables, plus the key cases and legislative developments of the past 12 months.

Covering over 100 topics from ACAS to Zero-hours Contracts, each entry provides a concise summary of the relevant law plus all the associated facts and figures so the reader can quickly find the answers to questions such as:

  • Basic Award: what adjustments can be applied and in what order?
  • Contributory Fault: what heads of loss can be reduced?
  • Pension loss: what are the current guidelines?
  • Grossing up: how should this be calculated if different tax bands apply?
  • Tax and termination payments: what is taxable?
  • Protective Awards: does the limit on a week’s pay apply?

Worked examples accompany each entry where relevant, so you can see clearly how the law and regulations are applied in practice, while a collection of essential tables makes it easy to double-check the latest relevant rates.

Published in A4 wire-bound for maximum portability and usability, the book is re-issued annually to ensure that it is up to date so you can rely on it in any negotiation, mediation or hearing.

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What's new in the 2020-21 edition?

The new edition - available to download now - has been updated to reflect:

  • New rules on employer NI on awards over £30,000
  • Changes to rules in written statement of particulars
  • Coverage of the Parental Bereavement Leave Regulations 2020 and the Statutory Parental Bereavement Pay (General) Regulations 2020
  • Updated Vento bands
  • Changes to the 4 categories of award for physical and psychiatric injury
  • Updated tables including the 8th edition of the Ogden tables (published July 2020) to reflect current discount rates and the 2 year adjustment, auto-enrolment rates and gross to net salaries using Scottish tax rates
  • New Forewords from The Hon. Mr Justice Choudhury (President of the Employment Appeals Tribunal), Judge Barry Clarke (the new President of the Employment Tribunal (England &Wales) and Judge Shona Simon (President of the Employment Tribunals (Scotland).
  • Holiday pay and changes to Working Times Regulations, the impact of coronavirus regulations and new case law on calculating holiday pay
  • New judicial guidance on the correct approach to calculating injury to feelings
  • Statutory redundancy pay and the cap
  • Recent cases on grossing up
  • How to handle the ACAS uplift

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Who should buy the book?

  • Solicitors and barristers acting in employment law cases
  • Advisers in mediation and negotiation over employment disputes
  • HR professionals
  • Trade Unions
  • Anyone representing themselves in an employment dispute
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What our readers say

"A must for the occasional tribunal rep or the specialist - with easy reference and up to date information."
Amazon purchaser

"an excellent and thoroughly practical publication... a must-have source of reference for any professional person, legal or otherwise, who is involved with UK employment law"
John Wright, employmentlawexpert.co.uk

"undoubtedly, an excellent publication for practitioners"
Mirza Ahmad, Barrister, St Phillips Chambers

"very handy to have on the desk when doing calculations of loss and for settlement purposes .... A good buy!"
Elaine Heslop a solicitor at Your Employment Settlement Service

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Prices, formats etc

  • Published July 2020
  • A4, Spiral Bound
  • 180 pages approx.
  • £50 including print and digital editions
  • ISBN 978-1-9164315-9-1
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