Interpreting the NPPF: The New National Planning Policy Framework

Interpreting the NPPF: The New National Planning Policy Framework

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About the Book

In July 2018 a revised National Planning Policy Framework was published, coming into effect immediately.

First published in 2012, the NPPF is the primary expression of the Government’s planning policies for England. The NPPF sets out a framework for the production of locally-prepared plans, and is a material consideration in planning applications. Its correct interpretation is a matter of law, and there has been a wealth of litigation regarding the interpretation of the first version.

But what exactly has changed and how will the courts seek to interpret the new version?

Interpreting the NPPF: The New National Planning Policy Framework is the first book to explain in depth the revised NPPF to planners, developers and legal advisers throughout England. Alistair Mills of Landmark Chambers provides an accessible explanation of the legal approach to the new NPPF through:

  • a clear exposition of the nature, role, and approach to interpretation of national planning policy;
  • insights regarding the structure and wording of the new NPPF;
  • consideration of the extent to which case law interpreting the wording of the 2012 NPPF applies to the new version;
  • a review of the major changes brought about by the new NPPF, including the amended wording of the presumption in favour of sustainable development, the Housing Delivery Test, and the approach to amendment of Green Belt boundaries

The book is essential reading for anyone with an interest in local planning and development - including planners, developers and their advisers - helping everyone make and contribute to plans, applications and decisions which are based on a correct understanding of the NPPF.

"Mills’ book is important reading for authors of both local and national policy, providing critical insight into the way words and phrases are interpreted in the courts."
Dr Jessica Ferm, lecturer in Planning and Urban Management at UCL, reviewing the book in Planning In London magazine

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Who should buy the book?

Interpreting the NPPF will be essential reading for anyone trying to understand the new framework including

  • local authority planning officers
  • town planners and members of the RTPI
  • surveyors and architects working on development projects
  • planning lawyers
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About the Author

Alistair Mills is a member of Landmark Chambers, one of the country's leading sets of planning barristers. He works for a range of clients in the planning field: private developers, objectors, central and local government. He has been in major court cases concerning planning law and policy. He is an External College Lecturer in Law at Magdalene College, Cambridge, and is an Assistant Editor of the Encyclopedia of Planning Law and Practice.

He also maintains a digest of decisions relating to the NPPF on the Landmark Chambers website.

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  • 1st edition, published October 2018
  • Paperback, 200 pages approx
  • Print: £40 + £3.50 p&p;
  • Digital: £40 
  • Print/digital bundle: £60 (free p&p)
  • ISBN 978-1-9164315-2-2
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