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About Us

Bath Publishing has been working in print, digital and software publishing for over 10 years, developing and managing projects for ourselves and others.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the law and a thirst for innovation which we think ensures that what we publish and develop is clear, coherent, accessible and useful.

We are now looking to widen our range of books and services, primarily but not exclusively for the legal and professional markets, so if you have an idea for a book or other project do get in touch.

We offer a personal hands-on approach so you can be assured that your project will get the effort and expertise it deserves.

Call me on 01225 577810 or email me at david.chaplin@bathpublishing.co.uk

Key People

David Chaplin

David works on new projects and business development. He has been involved in legal publishing for over 20 years, starting off at Jordan Publishing in 1993, becoming a Director in 2001. During that time he was involved in commissioning, conference development marketing and digital publishing.

He left in 2003 to set up Family Law Week and has since expanded Bath Publishing's range to encompass employment, planning, Court of Protection and legal practice products.

Helen Lacey

Helen looks after the editorial side of things. She has been working on legal publishing projects since the launch of Family Law Week in 2005. She now not only acts as a knowledgeable editor but also as researcher on our employment law publications.

Helen has also developed the Employment Claims Toolkit, an online resource to assist people in creating a schedule of loss for Employment Tribunal claims. She has trained hundreds of employment judges on the program and is currently working on an updated version.