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Depp v Heard: The unreal story Out 17 May 2023 - pre-order now

The definitive account of the infamous court battles between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, from Nick Wallis, the reporter who was there.

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The Great Post Office Scandal is now available as an audiobook

The story of the fight to expose a multimillion IT disaster that put innocent people in jail. The definitive account of what has been described as one of the UK's biggest ever miscarriages of justice. Written by award-winning broadcaster and journalist, Nick Wallis, who has been instrumental in bringing the scandal into the public eye.

Now available as an audiobook - the audiobook is available on the usual channels such as Amazon / Audible and iTunes but you can also buy it directly from us here (just select audiobook from the dropdown list). You can then listen through an app and / or website called Soundwise - instructions are emailed once the audiobook has been paid for.

“An extraordinary journalistic exposé of a huge miscarriage of justice.” - Ian Hislop, Editor of Private Eye

10% of all revenue will be donated to the Horizon Scandal Fund to support subpostmasters.

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