Employment Claims Toolkit

Employment Claims Toolkit

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The Employment Claims Toolkit brings accuracy, flexibility and consistency to the calculation of remedy for all levels of employment claim.

In just a few minutes you can use the tools on our site to calculate what's at stake in any current or potential employment claim. You can then refine, adjust and update the figures as new information emerges or if the dispute progresses from a grievance to negotiation or even a full hearing.

Now used in private practice, FTSE100 in-house legal teams and unions - for both claimant and respondent - the Employment Claims Toolkit is rapidly becoming the standard for calculating remedy in all employment disputes.

Use the Toolkit throughout the life of any employment dispute to

  • get a quick assessment of what is at stake
  • agree an accurate statement of remedy for early conciliation and negotiation
  • produce a polished statement of remedy for the hearing
  • adjust to reflect any agreed settlement or a final award - complete with grossing up and recoupment
  • help manage risk for your firm and your insurers

Watch our 2 minute tour of how the Toolkit can help you