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What holiday? It's been a busy August

What holiday? It's been a busy August
While the nation has been at the beach (or whatever takes your fancy) we have been busy getting two new titles ready.

First this week is the 4th edition of our very first book - The Family Court without a Lawyer - now celebrating its 10th birthday. Over that time the book has helped tens of thousands of people who could not afford a lawyer to represent themselves in court. This new edition is fully up to date with the new no-fault divorce laws that came into force in April 2022 and, just as importantly, the very, very recent changes (up to the publishing deadline!) to domestic abuse, in particular new rules around ex-partners questioning each other where allegations of domestic abuse are aired.

The book is available now in print and digital editions here.

That was closely followed into the warehouse by the 2022-23 edition of our Employment Tribunal Remedies Handbook. The annual favourite is the Bible when it comes to calculating compensation and other financial awards arising from employment disputes. Trusted by employment judges nationwide, the book comes as a bundle with the print edition and digital edition included in the price. Read more about it here.

Now we need a holiday.

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