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The Family Court without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person (4th edition)

The Family Court without a Lawyer: A Handbook for Litigants in Person (4th edition)


Fourth edition now published!

The Family Court without a Lawyer is the book you need if you have to go to court to sort out issues over separation, money or children and do not have a lawyer to represent you. Since publication of the 1st edition in 2011 this book has helped tens of thousands of people better handle the stresses of going to court about disputes around money and children. 

The 4th edition is now available and has been fully updated to reflect the new no-fault divorce laws which came into operation on 6th April 2022, important new law and guidance relating to domestic abuse, plus the many other changes in practice since the 3rd edition. 

Lucy Reed is a barrister specialising in family law, and a legal writer. She has distilled the knowledge and expertise gained from representing clients in court over two decades to write the essential guide to the Family Court for the non-lawyer. In clear language she provides a thorough guide to the law that you will need to know, plus countless tips and insights on how you should best prepare and present your case such as:

  • what to expect and where to go when you turn up at the court
  • what to think about when deciding to question a witness
  • how to challenge a judge's decision through an appeal
  • clear explanations of legal terms, jargon and concepts

All this practical advice and support makes The Family Court without a Lawyer much more than just a DIY divorce book. It is a practical tool to help you in court and a reference to help you understand what happens in the Family Court, whether or not you have a lawyer.

The Family Court without a Lawyer is also useful if you are supporting someone through the court process, if you have a lawyer but want to gain a better understanding of what is going on in your case, or if you are considering what your options are before going to court.

You can also access supporting resources on the nofamilylawyer website.

What's new in this edition
  • coverage of new law and guidance concerning domestic abuse when raised in the family court
  • the new no-fault divorce law in April 2022
  • developments in remote and digital court process
  • text fully revised for all the latest developments in practice and procedure
What readers say

"Brilliantly comprehensive and accessible. Faultlessly informative and balanced. Don't go to Family Court without reading it!" - Amazon Reader

"This book is comprehensive and detailed (in as much as a lay persons guide can be) with tonnes of signposting to more specific supports and more detailed information. As a base of knowledge it is invaluable to anyone either representing themselves or wanting to know more about the court process or how to help people" - Amazon Reader

"An indispensable book for anyone going to the family court with and without legal representation. Worth it's weight in gold" - Amazon Reader

About the author

Lucy Reed is a barrister at St John’s Chambers in Bristol and the 36 Group in London, with almost two decades of experience as a family law specialist. She is active in the family law community as speaker, trainer and a member of various key committees. She is also a well known family law commentator. She has been writing Pink Tape, her respected family law blog, since 2007. The blog aims to be useful and accessible to the lawyer and non-lawyer alike, and its success, together with the feedback she receives about it, are a major inspiration for this book. Lucy is the founder and Chair of The Transparency Project, an educational charity which works to make family justice clearer, and has been involved with other public legal education projects such as Lucy has pioneered the ‘legal blogging’ of family court hearings.

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  • Published August 2022
  • ISBN 978-1-8384390-6-4

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