The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

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About the Book

Neighbourhood planning, introduced by the Localism Act 2011, is now well established as the new 'first tier' of our planning system. The key to this brave new world of localism is the Neighbourhood Development Plan, which enables local communities to make planning policies for their area that have statutory effect and which must be taken into account by decision makers.

But how does a neighbourhood plan get off the ground? How do communities make sure that it comes into force? And, more importantly, what are the essential features of an effective plan; one that can withstand the often intense pressures for new development?

This unique book answers these and many other questions faced by neighbourhood planners with a clear, pragmatic focus and in sufficient depth to arm both lay readers and planning professionals with the knowledge they need to operate effectively within this novel planning regime. Along the way, some of the less well-known planning rules and procedures that can be invoked by neighbourhood planning groups and others at a local level are also explained.

The author, a planning lawyer and consultant who has helped many parishes and communities since the advent of neighbourhood planning, also helpfully explores the place of neighbourhood planning within the wider planning system and offers a fascinating assessment of the potential of neighbourhood planning to address a whole range of important environmental issues. This insight and expertise makes The Power of Neighbourhood Planning an essential resource for everyone involved - whether as an interested member of the public, local councillor or parish clerk – or as a planning professional looking for an incisive introduction to this often controversial topic.

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Planning System
  3. Elements of Development Control
  4. Neighbourhood Planning
  5. Making a Neighbourhood Development Plan
  6. Neighbourhood Plans and Housing
  7. Other Means of Influence
  8. Which Way Next? ... The Future for Neighbourhood Planning

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Who would find the book useful?

• Town and parish clerks and councillors
• Members of neighbourhood forums and other community groups
• Planning lawyers and consultants
• Local authority planning officers and councillors
• Planning and environmental NGO officers and staff
• Students of planning, localism and local government

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About the author

picture of peter edwards planning progress author of the power of neighbourhood planning

Peter Edwards is a solicitor specialising in planning and related aspects of law. He also runs Planning Progress Limited, a planning and public affairs consultancy that advises a variety of clients from all sectors, and throughout the UK, on planning and the interaction between planning and the environment. He advises a number of parish councils on all aspects of neighbourhood planning.

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• Published May 2020
• Paperback
• 290 pages
• ISBN 9781916431546
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