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Just Published: Insolvency Law Made Clear

Just Published: Insolvency Law Made Clear

We are delighted to announce that our latest book - Insolvency Law Made Clear: A Guide for Debtors - is now in stock in our warehouse. The book is the latest in our range of self help books on difficult legal problems aimed at the non-lawyer. It provides practical guidance for anyone facing demands over a debt they are struggling to pay. Detailing clear advice on personal and corporate insolvency law, it is an essential reference for anyone, individual or businesses, facing a debt they can’t afford to repay.

Author Daniel Kessler, a barrister specialising in insolvency and commercial litigation, provides professional guidance in a clear manner, answering common questions debtors have, such as “What is a statutory demand and what is a bankruptcy petition?” With useful tips and checklists, Insolvency Made Clear equips the reader with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to challenge creditors, represent yourself in court or at the very least understand what is happening during insolvency and why.

The financial impact of the pandemic has had, and will continue to have, a profound effect on the finances of both individuals and businesses. With the eventual end of government support looming, people worried about repaying their debts post-pandemic will need to be prepared. Daniel has woven the financial aspects of COVID-19 throughout the book, ensuring you are aware of the changes the pandemic has generated.

The author is also generously donating his royalties to debt advice charities helping those affected by debt get back on their feet.

You can read more about the book – including the first two chapters free here. And if you order before 31 July you’ll receive a free digital edition immediately after your purchase.

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