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Narcissism and Family Law: A Practitioner's Guide

Narcissism and Family Law: A Practitioner's Guide


A ground-breaking practitioner's guide to help you identify and manage narcissistic behaviour in any divorce or separation.

About the book

Awareness of narcissism and narcissistic behaviour has mushroomed over the past decade. More and more people are being identified as exhibiting a degree of narcissistic behaviour, a rise that may reflect the explosion of social media or simply increased awareness of the problem.

So when you encounter a narcissist in divorce proceedings, as inevitably you will, you need to be able to understand how they may behave and how you can better handle matters so that a resolution is not unnecessarily costly.

Narcissism & Family Law: A Practitioner’s Guide will help you spot when you are dealing with a narcissist, whether they are your client or on the other side, and sets out innumerable practical insights and tips for how you can moderate the effects of their behaviour. Divorce cases involving narcissists can often get messy, combative and costly so the advice set out in these pages could save you and your client days of angst and unrewarding effort.

Drawing on the combined expertise and experience of Dr Supriya McKenna, a GP turned specialist coach and mentor and who focuses on supporting people separating from a narcissist, and Karin Walker, one of the country's leading family law practitioners, it is essential reading for all family lawyers, mediators and other advisers on the front line of practice.

See also the companion volume aimed at clients: Divorcing a Narcissist: The Lure, The Loss & The Law and the webinar that accompanies the book

Read the intro, contents and an extract on "How can you identify that a potential client is suffering from NPD before you accept the instruction?"

Watch Dr Supriya McKenna explain more about why these books are necessary

About the authors
profile picture of dr supriya mckenna Dr Supriya McKenna is a qualified doctor and practised as a GP before concentrating on coaching, mentoring and supporting those involved in relationships with highly narcissistic individuals, including in the area of separation and divorce. She advises professionals dealing with clients who have been affected by narcissists, and has hands-on experience of the UK Family Court system.
Karin Walker is the founding partner at KGW Family Law and is a solicitor, mediator, collaborative practitioner and arbitrator. She is recognised by both the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners as a leader in her field and is a former Chair of the National DR Committee of Resolution.
Who would find the book useful?

• Family lawyers
• Family mediators
• Collaborative lawyers
• Family court judges

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  • ISBN 978-1-9163023-3-4
  • Published March 2021

Chapter 1: What is a narcissist?

  • Why is NPD not well recognised in the UK?
  • How common is NPD?
  • Is narcissism on the increase?
  • How does someone ‘get’ Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
  • Narcissistic supply and the False Self
  • What does a narcissist look like in daily life?

Chapter 2: The narcissist’s playbook

  • The cycle of ‘idealise’ and ‘devalue’
  • The narcissist’s experience of ‘love’
  • Living in the ‘drama triangle’
  • The dropping of the mask
  • Who do narcissists target?
  • The spectrum of narcissism

Chapter 3: Representing a client with NPD

  • How can you identify that a potential client is suffering from NPD before you accept the instruction?
  • What to look out for
  • How the narcissist will behave towards their lawyer
  • The narcissist’s approach to financial remedies
  • The drama of court proceedings
  • Introduction of Counsel to the proceedings
  • Out of court processes
  • How your narcissistic client will behave towards their spouse and how to spot that you are representing a narcissist from what comes from the other side
  • Do you want to act for the narcissistic client?
  • Terminating your retainer with a narcissistic client
  • Representing the narcissist in the court process
  • Communication strategies when representing a narcissistic client

Chapter 4: Representing a client whose spouse has NPD

  • Specific challenges faced by the partner separating from a narcissist
  • How the narcissist will abuse your client in the divorce or separation process
  • Early practical steps for you to take to protect your client’s position
  • Out of court options and likely costs
  • Communication through the separation process
  • Managing your client’s expectations within the divorce process
  • How to prepare your client for an FDR appointment
  • Preparing for Final Hearing
  • When the hearing is over – what now?
  • Expected issues post-divorce

Chapter 5: Issues regarding children

  • Narcissists view children as extensions of themselves
  • How the narcissist uses their children as weapons
  • Child arrangements issues
  • The golden child, the scapegoat and the invisible child
  • Narcissistic mothers
  • The long-term effects of narcissistic parenting
  • The emotional consequences on the child
  • What can the non-narcissistic parent do to limit the damage to the children by the narcissist?
  • Parenting with a narcissistic parent after divorce or separation – the case for parallel parenting
  • Communication tips for parents
  • Parental alienation
  • The parenting plan

Chapter 6: Well-being

The Last Word


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