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Coming soon: The Environment Act 2021: A Guide for Planners and Developers

Coming soon: The Environment Act 2021: A Guide for Planners and Developers

We are excited to announce the upcoming publication, getting you up to speed with the new Environment Act, due to get Royal Assent in Autumn 2021.

Tom Graham, who has previously written A Practical Guide to Planning, Highways & Development, covers how this future landmark piece of legislation will affect national management of biodiversity, water resources, air pollution and more. This new regime will place environmental considerations at the forefront, affecting your planning and decision making.

The Environment Act 2021: A Guide for Planners and Developers will be one of the first books to delve into the Act’s impact on the planning sector and how developers can consider their future approaches. Tom’s experience within the environment and planning law sector makes him well versed on the topic and able to provide  practical insights on the range of  planning issues  the new law will  affect.

The book will be answering the questions planners and advisors will need to consider, such as:

  • The interpretation of the Environment Act
  • Conservation biology and the planning system
  • What is Biodiversity Net Gain and how will it interact with the planning system?
  • What is the "precautionary principle" and how is this to be reflected in the planning process?
  • Can local planning authorities push a "green agenda"?
  • Section 106 agreements, conservation covenants, planning conditions and ecology
  • How will local planning committees get to grips with the complexities of the Act?
  • How will the act impact on developers? Is it a benefit or a problem?

We are also hosting a seminar, Biodiversity for Planners & Developers: The New Law, will be covering these questions and any more you may have with our panel of lawyers, ecologists and planners, including author Tom Graham. Join us remotely or in person and you will get the book free after publication in early 2022. Buy tickets now for a special Early Bird price of £150 before the 31st October.

Read more about the book here, and book the seminar tickets here

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