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The Great Post Office Scandal hits the podcasts!

The Great Post Office Scandal hits the podcasts!

After our successful book launch in November last year, Nick's hustling has reached new heights as he promotes The Great Post Office Scandal via signings, readings, interviews and now, podcasts.

Over the last couple of weeks, Nick has added 'guest star on a podcast' to his ever-growing schedule, featuring on Christian Hunt's Human Risk, Simon Sapper's Union Dues and Jack Aldane's The Booking Club.

Human Risk

The Human Risk podcast uses behavioural science to mitigate the cause of risk posed by humans within organisations, such as the Post Office. The failings at the heart of The Great Post Office Scandal were a result of direct human decision-making from the creation of the Horizon IT system to the fear-mongering tactics used to destroy subPostmasters finances and livelihoods.

The tale of The Great Post Office Scandal provides a gleaming example - for all the wrong reasons - of what The Human Risk podcast seeks to explore: 'the risk of people doing things they shouldn't or not doing things they should' - "it's about as human-risk relevant as it gets". 

You can listen to Nick on the Human Risk podcast here.

Union Dues

Simon Sappers, Union Dues podcast brings together Nick, Mark Baker (former NFSP Executive Council member), and Andy Furey (communications union national officer) to discuss the role played by the NFSP in prosecuting and convicting its members for crimes they didn't commit.

"A jaw-dropping tale of what happens when unions distrust their members and surrender independence."

You can listen to Nick, Mark and Andy on the Union Dues podcast here.

The Booking Club

Jack Aldane begins the podcast apologetically: "I've never looked forward to reading the book less," describing Nick's book as "a modern horror story."

Nick recounts the various decisive bodies that chose to either turn their backs on the horrors occurring behind closed post office doors, or act on the injustices unfolding before their eyes.

Some questions are hard to answer, and others are hard to imagine, such as: "Do you worry that we're inevitably going to see injustices like this happen again for the same reasons, only with much scarier systems at their core?"

You can listen to Nick on The Booking Club Podcast here.

To listen to Nick in person and get a signed copy of the book, come to our Meet the Author events in Bath or Farncombe - visit our events page for more.

Can't make the events? Buy a copy of the book here.

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