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The Sound of a Scandal: The Great Post Office Scandal audiobook is out now.

The Sound of a Scandal: The Great Post Office Scandal audiobook is out now.
Ever since we published The Great Post Office Scandal late last year, the author Nick Wallis has been pestered by people asking when the audiobook will be out.
Not wanting to disappoint Nick’s loyal readers - and always up for trying something new - that wait is over: our first audiobook is out now.
Nick himself has narrated the book. Though he has years of experience in broadcasting, reading for the audiobook was still a challenge as there is a cast of hundreds and, at 550 pages, it took seven straight days of reading in the studio. But as Nick says “I have voiced many hours of broadcast media in my career, but this was my first opportunity to tell the story in detail.”
The audiobook is available on the usual channels such as Amazon / Audible and iTunes but you can also buy it directly from us here (just select audiobook from the dropdown list). You can then listen through an app and / or website called Soundwise - instructions are emailed once the audiobook has been paid for.
Why buy direct? Well we get to keep more of the revenue which means we can pass more on to the Horizon Scandal Fund - 10% of what we generate from sales of The Great Post Office Scandal is donated to them. The Fund has been set up to help subpostmasters get back on their feet and you can read more about how here.

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